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    Lielbata Spring water’ s pH is 8,0.

    The pH is a number that describes the concentration of hydrogen ion in solution. The pH is the negative logarithm of Hydrogen ion that describes the acidity and alkalinity.

    The pH of the aqueous solution can vary from 0 to + 14. Water with pH 7 means that it is neutral. The pH under 7 means that it is acidic but above 7 – alkaline.

    What’s the pH in body’s cells?

    At pH 7.4 the cells are in their natural, slightly alkaline state that best fits the enzymes inside the cells and are able to achieve maximum efficiency.

    What do we eat?

    Mostly human menu consists of meals that create acidic environment in human body after the digestion of food. The heat – treated products, cereal, animal and sweetened products make the body acidic. Using the acidic products body has to strive more in order to neutralize the acid and remove it from the body.