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    Bata in Livonian chronicles

    At the end of the 12th century the current territory of Vainode was located on the southern edge of the Cours Bandava land. The first information about this place remains from 1253 when the name Bata was mentioned for the first time. It was mentioned in the contract of Livoninan Order and the Bishopric Courland on the division of Courland. Vainode neighbourhood became a part in Courland Bishopric. Bata is a part of a village in Vainode on the northern part.

    At the end of the 12th century, German started to enter Latvia, setting up their own countries within Livonian confederation, assimilating a part from the Livs, Latvian and Estonian, that for several generations adopted by the German way of life and language.

    Various historic sources indicate about one of the most outstanding Baltic German families – Osten-Saken. Its first known representative is Arnold fon Saken who is mentioned in the Order’s documents in 1395. Many branches of Osten – Saken family extends into Germany, the Baltics, Russia but in the 20th century even up to the two American continents and Egypt.