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    Lielbata Spring

    Lielbata clear spring is one of the largest clear springs in Latvia which is located near the historic Vainode or Lielbata Castle in Western highlands of Courland and it is located in clean and ecologically clean environment.

    As time passes, the spring water flow is not reduced but on the contrary, it has grown with an amazing power and it continues to deliver unique natural gift – clean, biologically active, correctly structured water that doesn’t stop flowing at night or day, in winter or summer. The spring water is obtained naturally from Lielbata spring and it is filled right in the spring. After opening, the water can be used for two days.

    The spring is located near the historic Vainode or Lielbata castle which was built by the Baron Austen Sakens in the middle of 19th century. Historical evidence suggests that the place for the construction of the castle isn’t chosen accidentally.

    In 1923 the castle was established as sanatorium which was not only the most exemplary in Latvia but it could also be equal to foreign sanatoriums. The reason for this was naturally pure and healing environment which has survived to the present days.

    Lielbata clear water flows from the west to the east towards the sun that’s why it has considered a magic, even sacred place which has healing abilities.