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    • Lielbāta

      way from spring to bottle


    • Largest clear spring in Latvia

      Lielbāta clear spring is the largest clear spring in Latvia which is located near the historic Vaiņode or Lielbāta Castle in Western highlands of Courland and it is located in clean and ecologically clean environment

    • Pure energy for endless activieties

      pH balanced alkaline water



    Why to drink water?

    There are many reasons why to drink water and there are several of them:

    • People naturally lose 2.5 – 3 l of water per day. It is necessary to renew it by ingesting it in pure form and also with food;
    • It is the most tonic drink which hasn’t got any side effects;
    • Water – the main solvent of feed, vitamins and minerals;
    • Water increases uptime and improves attention span;
    • Water removes stress, anxiety and depression and restores sleep;
    • It has no calories, no fat and no sugar and in addition, it improves metabolism;
    • Water stimulates the metabolism and creates a feeling of satiety, improves metabolism. It has no calories, no fat, no sugar;
    • Water helps reduce the risk of heart attacks and stroke, protects the heart and brain arteries from blockage;
    • Water is absolutely necessary to fight infections and cancer cells.